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  • Here at over50lifecover.org we help provide quotes for many different personal insurance products including life cover, mortgage cover, Critical illness cover, Income cover, Private medical insurance and more.

    If your looking for over 50s life insurance then you have to consider which type of cover you require:

    Term over 50 life cover:
    Term Over 50 Life Insurance will run for an agreed duration at a fixed monthly cost (premium) and the value of the policy remains the same throughout itís whole term. This is one of the the most popular and commonly purchased type of life insurance here in the UK.

    Whole of life cover:
    This over fifties life cover policy will cover you for the rest of your life (as long as you continue to pay your monthly premiums)

    Decreasing over 50 life cover:
    Similar to term life insurance, this type of cover runs for an agreed duration (term) but the value of the policy decreases over its lifetime (along with the cost of the premiums). This insurance is most suitable for loans and mortgages.

    Increasing over 50 life cover:
    This over fifties life cover policy is usually reviewed every year and its value can be increased by increasing your premiums. This helps your cover stay in line with inflation and protect its true value.

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    Why Choose Over 50 Life Cover

    Instantly compare quotes online from a wide range of insurers

    All over 50 life cover policies are sold on an advised basis

    All quotes are free and come without any obligation

    Friendly, regulated advisors and not pushy sales people.

    Over 50 Life Cover

    Simple & easy to arrange life cover for over 50ís.
    This will pay out a guaranteed cash lump sum which is tax free and can help to cover any funeral expenses or debts you may leave behind.
    It can also be used as a welcome financial cushion by your family to help them cope with the loss of income.

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    Over 50 Private Medical Cover

    Avoid hospital waiting lists all together and be seen

    at a time that is convenient for you and in the hospital of your choice with an over 50s private medical cover policy (also known as private medical insurance & private health insurance. You can also add you immediate family members to the same policy for complete peace of mind.

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    Over 50 Mortgage Cover

    Our home is most likely the single largest financial investment we will ever make in our lives and whilst we insure both the buildings and contents it also make sense to protect our mortgage re-payments. Over 50 Mortgage Cover insurance runs for the duration of your mortgage & you can choose to decrease its value to keep it inline with your mortgage.

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    Over 50 Critical illness cover

    Suffering from or being diagnosed with a critical

    Illness such as cancer, heart attack or brain tumor can not only have a devastating effect on your life and family but it can also result in seriously effecting your finances and standard of living. With Life and Critical Illness Cover you can protect yourself financially against these risks.

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    Over 50 Income Cover

    With the world now in an ever uncertain financial future, jobs & employment has also suffered. With an over fifties income cover policy you are covered should you be unable to continue working due to illness or disability. It will pay you a monthly income to help you cope.

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    Over 50 ASU Cover

    Accident, Sickness & Unemployment cover for

    the over 50s will cover you and pay you a tax free monthly sum should you be no longer able to satisfy your work commitments due to an accident you have been involved in, suffering from a sickness or being made redundant / unemployed by no fault of your own.

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